About Dallas Composite

Welcome to Dallas Composite Squadron TX-391, Civil Air Patrol, chartered in 1996.  Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a non profit organization and an auxiliary of the United States Air Force devoted to emergency services, cadet programs and aerospace education.   Since 1941,  CAP has served America by providing numerous humanitarian, and search and rescue services using volunteer members to the nation.  CAP members are unpaid, concerned citizens doing good works through local community activities.

The Dallas Composite Squadron was founded by Captain Roland Jarvis.  Members meet at the Business Jet Center, 2nd floor, at Dallas Love Field each Monday night at 19:00 hours (7:00 pm). You are invited to attend and find out more about the Civil Air Patrol and its’ missions of emergency service, cadet programs, and aerospace education.  If you have any questions, please contact us here.
***Currently we are meeting virtually.  A notice will be posted when in person meetings resume. If you are interested in attending a virtual meeting, please email dcs1@capdallas.org***

Maj Scott Knightly
Squadron Commander

 Major Knightly joined 391st squadron five years ago and is highly qualified in numerous Civil Air Patrol (CAP) specialties as a result of his 18 years as a CAP member. 391st will be led by an outstanding member. 

Knightly began his CAP career as a cadet on September 15, 2000 in Maine, and quickly advanced through the cadet ranks, achieving the Billy Mitchell and Amelia Earhart milestone awards. As an adult, Knightly transitioned to the adult member ranks and continued his professional growth and education in CAP, adding to his list of accomplishments. Some of those include qualification as Mission Scanner, Mission Observer, Airborne Photographer, Urban Direction Finding Team, Flight Line Marshaller, Flight Line Supervisor, and Mission Radio Operator – and that’s just to name a few!

In addition to the broad reach of Knightly’s specialties, he has also served in duty positions that include Public Affairs, Communications, Finance, Personnel, and Professional Development across the country, with membership in the CAP Wings of Maine, Maryland, Florida, and Texas. If Scott Knightly gives the appearance of an over-achiever, his parents may be credited with providing the model of excellence. Lt Col Ken Knightly serves in the Northeast Region of CAP as Assistant Inspector General, and Col Merrie Knightly is the Northeast Region Assistant Critical Incident Stress Management Officer. The Knightlys make service to their community, state, and nation a priority in the family. Dallas Composite Squadron waits for the legacy to continue.

Command Legacy of TX-391
  • Maj Scott Knightly July 2018 to Present
  • Maj John Stafford March 2017 to July 2018
  • Maj Seth Grenke August 2015 to March 2017
  • Capt. Mark Holub June 2014 to August 2015
  • Lt. Col. Bobby Sides - April 2012 to June 2014
  • Capt Ian Jaeger - May 2011 to April 2012
  • Major Nolan S. Teel - 2009 to 2011
  • Major William D Wallace
  • 1st Lt Brendan Goss
  • Capt Eric Martin
  • Lt Col Owen Younger
  • Capt Roland Jarvis
Former and current Squadron Commanders, (L-R) Capt Ian Jeager, Lt Col Bobby Sides, Capt Mark Holub, front Maj Seth Grenke

      Former DCS Squadron Commanders, (L-R) Lt Col Owen Younger, Capt. Brendan Goss, Maj. William Wallace, Maj Nolan Teel, Capt Ian Jaeger