Airbus A380 Cockpit Panorama

posted Oct 26, 2012, 11:10 AM by Winston Cutshall
I think the title says it all on this one, and there are some things that I didn't expect to see.  First, the video camera that is displayed on the lower center display that shows the overhead view of the aircraft from the prospective of the tail.  Secondly, I noticed a radio in the overhead panel, which I assume is a backup.  Lastly, I was impressed by the number of cup holders scattered through.  I counted nine.  I guess the crew gets thirsty on those long flight. 

For refrence, the A380 is the world's biggest jet airliner, and it carries about 525 passengers for a max range of 8,200 nautical miles.  It's maximum takeoff weight is an astonishing 1,239,000 pounds!