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Cadet Krupa's words on Orientation Flight Day with Group III

posted May 21, 2014, 8:15 PM by lana mark   [ updated Jun 11, 2014, 7:10 PM ]

SPR 9-5-14

391st Composite Squadron

Group III, Texas Wing

Civil Air Patrol





DALLAS-Cadet Senior Airman Joseph Krupa, from Dallas Composite Squadron, participated in the Texas Wing Group III “O-flight Day” on February 22 at Terrell Municipal Airport. All Civil Air Patrol cadets are eligible to fly orientation flights in CAP aircraft, piloted by FAA licensed pilots, and funded by the United States Air Force. Following are Cadet Krupa’s thoughts as they happened that day.


It is 0800 hours, and we are preparing the plane for takeoff from our home airport, Love Field.  We are taking the boots off and checking every bolt; anything to make sure we have a safe flight.  There is a beautiful sunrise this morning.  The breeze feels amazing; like it is almost springtime. Our great plane, N4817C, is getting ready for takeoff, and we can see Fort Worth through the fog in the distance.  The captain teaches a new cadet how to depart from the airport.  On our way into Terrell Airport, I take aerial photography of the city and of the cockpit. It looks like we are the second plane to land. We check in and hear all about what we will be doing.  We gather outside and review the rules, safety, and make sure anyone on the flight line wears an orange safety vest.  Instructors teach a class of cadets how to marshal and direct the planes and helicopters correctly. All the pilots get the Ops plans and flight plans. The senior member in charge says” have fun…but be safe”! 


At the end of the day, everyone flies the first of five o-flights provided by CAP.  When we get back to Love Field, we have an amazing jet in front of us.  It looks nice, clean, and well taken care of.  I suggest to any cadet: go to Group III O-Flight Day. Do it because it keeps you motivated to progress in Civil Air Patrol and you will never