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Texas CTEP Spring 2015

posted Mar 15, 2015, 2:58 PM by lana mark
March, 2015 Nacogdoches, TX, Texas Wing Headquarters
Cadets from the Dallas Composite Squadron TX-391 attended the Texas Cadet Training & Education Program. CTEP is designed to give cadets both the knowledge and skills to lead as they progress through the Civil Air Patrol program. The focus is Leadership, both in CAP and in the community.
C/SrA S. McGreer had this to say about his experience: "NCOA was a fun, challenging, and exhausting experience. It helped me improve my writing, speaking, teaching, and drilling skills and I look forward to apply what I have been taught to our squadron. I would say the most valuable thing I learned informally was the importance of note taking. If I didn't take as much notes as I did, the assignments would've been difficult for me. CTEP was amazing!" C/SMSgt M. Applewhite commented. "My SNCOA was amazing. I learned to better my skills as first sergeant, which will improve our squadron. I had so much fun, but was so exhausted afterwards. Overall, CTEP is a great program to attend, and I plan to attend OTS next."

The Cadet Training & Education Program is made up of four different cadet schools: Non Commissioned Officer Academy, Senior Non Commissioned Officer Academy, Officer Training School, and Cadet Command Staff College.  While CTEP is a Cadet led program, adult CAP members, Senior Members, provide guidance as mentors.
NCOA is designed to prepare the new cadet NCO's to teach drill, motivate new cadets, and help them learn servant leadership, team dynamics, critical thinking skills and creative thinking processes.
SNCOA is designed to prepare Senior NCO's for leadership positions within Civil Air Patrol as well as in the community. SNCOA focuses on public speaking, writing, and business communication. The goal of SNCOA is to enhance cadet training to encourage them to function mentally and physically on a much higher level than expected of them. This is done through physical activity, rigorous homework assignments, teaching tools, leadership forums, and classroom presentations.
OTS introduces several techniques needed for effective performance as a cadet officer. Students are instructed on how to effectively manage, serve in various officer positions, and facilitate their squadron meeting. The instruction given in class is coupled with group leadership projects and planning sessions in order to apply what they have learned during their training.
CCSC takes cadets to the strategic level teaching the skills required to plan and execute a wing level event such as an encampment. Often the ideas generated from CTEP are implemented into actual encampments.

CTEP is coupled with Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC). Training Leaders of Cadets is the premiere venue for Cadet Programs Officers to learn how to become better mentors of cadets and more effective managers of cadet squadrons. The 2-day course is a component of the Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track in the Senior Member Professional Development Program.

Pictured above is Lt B. Applewhite, TLC graduate, C/SMSgt M. Applewhite, SNCOA graduate, C/SrA N. Mars and C/SSgt S. McGreer, NCOA graduates, and Capt L Holub, OTS mentor.