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Texas Wing Glider Academy - North

posted Sep 3, 2015, 5:59 PM by lana mark   [ updated Feb 5, 2016, 8:10 PM ]

Texas Wing Glider Flight Academy North, a Civil Air Patrol National Cadet Special Activity, was held at Bishop Field in Decatur TX from 8-18 July 2015.  Twelve cadets participated in Basic and Advanced Glider Academy, achieving approximately 30 flights each.  Four cadets soloed.

The Texas Wing Cadet Glider Academy trains cadets beginning at age 14 on the basics of flying gliders.  Ground subjects include aerodynamics, regulations, glider systems, and flight traffic patterns.  Cadets also learn hand signals, launch procedures, and positioning behind the tow plane.



Tow planes take the gliders to 2000 feet above the ground.  The glider instructors teach the cadets verbal call outs, straight and level flight, shallow to steep turns, wind correction, and traffic pattern entry among many other skills.  Safe operations on the ground and in flight are paramount and highly emphasized.   


Both cadets and instructors gave glowing reports of this year’s event.  “Glider Academy went well, the cadets did great, and the weather cooperated” according to Texas Wing Glider Academy Commander, Lt Col Tom Bishop.  Cadet Sam Kittlitz of Denton’s Nighthawk Squadron said, “I learned a lot! I’ll be very prepared for powered flight academy.”  Cadet Brandon Winters from Sierra Composite Squadron in Stockton, California said “I had fun flying, swimming, and eating great food!” 
Cadets from Texas, California, and Utah attended Glider Academy. a NCSA

Cadet Alex Vanover from Denton Nighthawk Squadron was the first cadet to solo.  “I was very nervous to start, but once I got up in the air, I became relaxed.  Being by myself was a whole different experience because I had to make decisions on my own without the guidance of others.”  To solo is the ultimate experience.

Above, Cadet Vanover, Texas Wing Group III Commander and Glider instructor, Lt Col Tom Bishop


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