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Cadets and Seniors Visit Lockheed-Martin Facility

posted Aug 19, 2013, 12:12 PM by Lana Holub
                                                                                                        15 August 2013
PAR 14-08-13
391st Composite Sq
Group III Texas Wg
Civil Air Patrol
Dallas-One of the cool things about being a cadet member of the Civil Air Patrol is the many opportunities you have to do and see different aspects of the world of aerospace.  Events you can participate include rocketry, actual and practice field exercises searching for downed aircraft and special VIP tours of Air Force and Joint Reserve bases.  You get to fly special orientation flights and even real jet fighters and helicopter simulators where you are the pilot in command.
Such was the case Friday August 9th when members of the Texas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol  were given a three hour VIP  tour of the Lockheed-Martin Fort Worth aircraft manufacturing plant.    Air Force plant number 4 is the official name of the facility where the fabled F-16 fighter, the F-22 strike fighter and the exciting new F-35 multi-service fighter are built.  Although parts are manufactured  in various plants throughout the country they all come together in Fort Worth.  During the tour members  were shown several versions of the F-35 under construction.  The plane is being built in three different models a standard Air Force model. a Navy version with a broader folding wing and the unique Marine
vertical take off and landing model.
Four lucky cadets were chosen to fly simulator trainers of the F-22 strike fighter  Their flight
experiences were viewed on a large screen in the adjoining media screening room.   Lt Col Bob Side
commander of the 391st Composite squadron Dallas commented  "If you love airplanes and flying
Civil Air Patrol is the place to be.  Many of today's Air Force Generals an d leaders got their introduction  to aerospace and flying as a cadet  in the Civil  Air Patrol'. 

(From left to right - C/SSgt Luke Langlais, C/MSgt Zachary Holub, Maj John Krogstead, Capt Bob Bruton,
C/MSgt Luke Schlenker, 2nd Lt Elvis Tinajero)

If you  are interested in aerospace, airplanes and  flying become a cadet  or senior member  of the
Civil Air Patrol.  For more information contact a local squadron in your area or go to
for more information contact     Capt Bob Bruton
                                                Public Affairs Office
                                                Group III Texas Wing
                                                Civil Air Patrol