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Cadets Were Flying High

posted Feb 20, 2012, 8:19 AM by J Scott Carter   [ updated Feb 20, 2012, 9:57 AM ]

Thanks to the outreach of 2nd Lt Mark Holub, Senior Member, and Capt. Seth Grenke, Deputy Commander Cadet Programs for  the Civil Air Patrol’s 391st Composite Squadron , Cadets and Seniors were treated to an extensive tour of  Flight Safety-Dallas.  The company, located just  East of DFW Airport has over 24 pilot training simulators under one roof and the only  EC135P2+  Eurocopter flight simulator in the World. 

After a tour of the building, the squadron was introduced to the Flight Attendants safety course and the Pratt & Whitney  jet engine maintenance course.   The Flight Attendant course prepares crews for  in flight emergencies such as  cabin fires or water landings or other  unplanned  event.  The engine maintenance course is so thorough that
engine manufacturer  Pratt & Whitney sends its’ newly hired mechanics to Flight Safety for  training. 

Then, the moment we were all waiting for!  Seniors and Cadets were invited to try their flying skills with the twin engine Eurocopter  EC135P2+ flight simulator.  From take off  to landing, in good weather and  bad,  the “copter” was yours to fly.   It was simply a fantastic experience!

Normally it takes about 18 months to build and completely develop and certify a conventional aircraft simulator.  Flight Safety spent over two years developing  the computer programs  necessary to create all of  the flight and weather scenarios needed to obtain a FAA level 3 certification.  This means that the EC135 Eurocopter  training is thorough enough to enable a student to complete the simulator  course and with no actual flight time in the helicopter, step into the cockpit and safely fly “the real thing”.

Our thanks to Daniel Maclellan, Flight Safety Dallas Center Manager,  Assistant Center Manager Paul Kutcha,  Flight instructor John Healy and P&W Engine instructor Wayne Russell for by far, the Squadron’s most interesting and thought provoking  “Fun Day”.

For more information contact:    1st Lt. Robert R. Bruton
                                                    Public Affairs Officer
                                                    391st Composite Squadron
                                                    Civil Air Patrol Dallas
                                                    (817) 685 9658