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Cap Training Pays Off Big Time

posted May 6, 2012, 12:38 PM by Winston Cutshall
DALLAS…At the conclusion of the annual Civil Air Patrol Wing conference, held this past 

Weekend at the Marriott-Quorum hotel, safety paid off in a big way for two members First Lt 

David Grant and Cadet Lt Shawn were both awarded the Civil Air Patrol’s Life Saver 

Ribbon for saving lives at two widely separated places. Lt Grant’s life saving moment came 

As he had just finished dining in a restaurant and happened to notice a young lady who was 

Clasping her throat and was obviously having trouble breathing. As Lt Grant approached the 

Young girl he asked if she were having trouble breathing. Unable to reply, because she was 

Choking on a piece of food and could only gesture. Grant quickly turned the girl around and 

Performed a Heimlich maneuver on her by placing his arms around her midsection and 

Compressing it quickly discharging the errant piece of food from her throat. 

Norma Jackson the young Kimberly’s mother thought at first the kids had been causing a

Disturbance. While Norma tended to the crying Kimberly, Jim Jackson Kimberly father 

Gratefully shook Grant’s hand and thank him for his quick action, and had time to just briefly 

Note his CAP name tag. Grant who had been standing in line to pay his bill when he noticed the

Young girl proceeded to pay his bill and left the restaurant. Later in the day the Jacksons 

Decided to learn more about the young man dressed in a camouflaged uniform, who had saved 

Their daughter’s life. They knew that a person named Grant lived just down the 

Street from their home so they inquired and asked Don Grant (David’s Brother) if he knew a 

Person named Grant in the Civil Air Patrol. Don replied yes, his brother David was a member. 

The Jackson’s then contacted national headquarters and related the remarkable story.

Since, lifesaving efforts are very seldom reported outside of duties being performed by Civil Air

Patrol the many lives routinely saved is never reported. The CAP is not a “First Responder ‘ 

Organization” but often time’s acts as one when they are routinely the first on the scene of aircraft 


Such was the case for Cadet Lt Shawn. While attending the air races in Reno, Nevada last 

Summer C/Lt Shawn along with his father, who was a Doctor, were in the grand stands when a

Modified, P-51 Mustang plunged out of control and crashed into the large crowd. Immediately 

Lt Shawn began rescuing people around him by calmly directing survivors to Help those who 

Were injured. As the size of the disaster became apparent. Grant, was able to give first aid to 

Survivors and at the same time direct others to help out as best they could. Again, Civil Air 

Patrol training paid off. C/Lt Shawn, because of his training, was able to recognize the need 

For immediate action. That action was able to save many lives and help alleviate the suffering of 

The injured.

Both Grant and Shawn are members of squadrons attached to Group III Civil Air

Patrol based at Dallas Love Field. LT Colonel Russell Miller gave both members

A “Well done” and congratulated the men on their quick thinking and action that

Saved lives and made the Civil Air Patrol Proud.

The CIVIL AIR PATROL is the auxiliary of the United States Air Force and has 

Three primaries, Missions aerospace education, cadet programs and emergency services. CAP 

Handles over 90% of inland search and rescue missions, saving approximately 75 lives each year. 

CAP members are usually the first on the scene sending digital satellite images of damage around 

The world within seconds after arrival. CAP provides disaster relief and emergency services 

Following natural and man made disasters, including such events as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, 

Texas and Oklahoma wildfires and recent tornadoes in the South and flooding in the Central

U.S. CAP members also fly counterdrug reconnaissance and teach Cadet and Aerospace 



For more information contact: 1st Lt. Robert R. Bruton
Public Affairs Officer
391st Composite Squadron
Civil Air Patrol
Dallas (817) 685 9658 or