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Dallas Composite Squadron Cadet Change of Command

posted Mar 2, 2020, 6:08 PM by lana mark

23 September 2019 by  C/CMSgt Brandon Chee

 The weekly meeting of the 391st Squadron on August 26 was a time for celebration.  The highlight of the evening was the Change of Command ceremony for the Cadet Commander.  Moving on to college, C/2d Lt Andrew Carter passed on command to C/2d Lt Gabriel Iglesias.  C/2d Lt Iglesias has been a member of CAP and Dallas Composite for 3 years and has served in various staff positions in the squadron including Cadet First Sergeant and Cadet Deputy Commander.  Adding to his experience are numerous activities and encampments, including Group III Airman Leadership School, National Cyber Defense Training Academy, multiple levels of the Texas Cadet Training and Education program, and the Joint Dakota Wing Encampment.  C/Lt Iglesias is highly devoted to CAP and his fellow cadets, and he will use his experience to continue to break new ground for TX-391. 


With the start of the new term, Dallas Composite entered a new phase of cadet leadership with not only the new Cadet Commander, but also new executive, line, and support staff. Executive staff set the goals and standards for the squadron, line staff train the cadets and help them reach the standards, and support staff work behind the scenes to keep meetings running smoothly.  These student leaders will learn to manage new responsibilities as they grow personally and professionally in the program.