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July's Promotions and Awards

posted Aug 25, 2014, 9:54 AM by Lana Holub

SPR 31-07-14

391st Composite Squadron

Group III Texas Wing

Civil Air Patrol





DALLAS- The 391st Composite Squadron meeting on July 28th included the usual promotions and awards ceremony, as well as one extraordinary event. That highlight of the evening was the Dallas Composite Squadron Change of Command Ceremony, whereby Lt Col Bob Sides retired as Squadron Commander. Col Sides transferred the official CAP squadron guidon to Group Commander Col Tom Bishop, and then Col Bishop turned to present the squadron guidon to Capt Mark Holub, incoming squadron commander. Capt Holub joined 391st squadron three years ago and is qualified as mission pilot, observer, scanner, and orientation pilot. Approximately sixty five friends and family witnessed the momentous ceremony and congratulated all participants during the evening reception.


The Dallas Squadron performed the “Great Start” program during the months of June and July, whereby new cadets learned the keystone topics which transformed them into Cadet Airmen. The instructors of the Great Start classes were Dallas Squadron cadets who have already progressed through the program and were challenged with leading and teaching the new cadets. Following are the cadets who were recognized for participation in the Dallas Squadron Great Start program as students and instructors:  C/A1C Money Adams, C/SSgt Madison Applewhite, C/Amn Alex Chu, C/TSgt Henry Chu, C/SrA Mathew Dykes, C/SSgt Joe Krupa, C/MSgt Luke Langlais, C/Amn Giovanni Trujillo, C/Amn Nick Williams.


The next recognition of the month went to C/SrA Mathew Dykes for surpassing challenging difficulties. Airman Dykes was presented with a CAP challenge coin. He had missed his last promotion ceremony because he was in a car accident on the way to the weekly squadron meeting. Despite the odds, he has continued to persevere in his training at Civil Air Patrol and is preparing to complete the Wright achievement. In the November 2006 issue of “Civil Air Patrol Volunteer”, contributing writer Janet Adams explained: “The custom of presenting special coins in recognition of superior achievement dates back to the Roman Empire.” In accordance with CAP tradition, Cadet Dykes should always carry that challenge coin with him. Lt Col Bob Sides advised Dykes, “Keep up the good work!”


Promotions included: C/Amn Alex Chu promoting to C/A1C, C/MSgt Luke Langlais promoting to C/SMSgt, C/Amn Giovanni Trujillo promoting to C/A1C. Encampment Ribbons were awarded to: C/Amn Noah Allen; C/SSgt Madison Applewhite; C/MSgt Luke Langlais as a staff cadet; and recipient of an Air Force Association Scholarship, C/Amn Nick Williams. National Cadet Special Activities ribbons were awarded to: recipient of an Air Force Association Scholarship, C/TSgt Henry Chu for Powered Flight Academy in Oklahoma; and C/CMSgt Zachary Holub for Engineering Academy at Auburn University in Alabama. Awards and promotions presented to senior members included: 1st Lt Mark Holub promoted to Captain, 1st Lt John Dorie for the Yeager Award and Level III achievement, 2nd Lt Ryan Giacomino for Orientation Pilot Form 5 achievement, 2nd Lt Blanca Applewhite for the Yeager Award,  and SM Dave Wellbrock for Level I achievement.