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September Awards and Promotions and other News

posted Oct 7, 2014, 4:08 PM by lana mark   [ updated Jan 29, 2019, 6:31 AM by Scott Carter ]
Capt Mark Holub, squadron commander, opened Monday night’s meeting with great news for squadron pilots, 817Charlie is on the flight line and ready for both training and actual meetings. Go fly away.

Other announcements included a reminder of the upcoming TLC classes for seniors and CTEP for cadets scheduled at Wing Headquarters in Nacogdoches.  As part of aerospace education, a Cyber Patriot unit was formed to compete nationwide against squadrons throughout the Civil Air Patrol and met at the end of the weekly meeting.


The first of two Form 5 ground school meetings is scheduled for 4 October  0800 – 1100 hrs.  Location is the small conference room at Business Jet Center.  After the class, Major Krogstad will demonstrate the proper procedures for conducting a CAP aircraft preflight.


Tour of the Flight Service Station is scheduled for 0900 hrs Wednesday 1 October.


Seniors received an interesting presentation on the creation and identification of clouds.  Major Krogstad stole a page from the Bill Nye the Science Guy’s notebook and demonstrated how pressure and temperature create clouds.


It was Promotions and Awards night.  Senior Member Maj John Krogstad was the recipient of the first ever Squadron Commander’s Award for Member of the Month for his many outstanding contributions to the squadron.


Following are the cadet promotions for the month: C/SrA Williams, C/Amn McLaughlin, C/CMSgt Holub, and C/TSgt Applewhite. 

The new Cadet Command Staff was announced.  Please congratulate: C/SMSgt L. Schlenker, Cadet Commander, C/CMSgt Z. Holub, Deputy Cadet Commander, C/SMSgt A. Panvelkar, Executive Officer, C/TSgt M. Applewhite, 1st Sgt, C/SMSgt L. Langlais, Flight Commander, C/MSgt H. Chu, Flight Commander, and Element Leaders C/SSgt M. Dykes and C/TSgt J. Krupa. (C/SMSgt L. Schlenker not pictured)
For more information contact:
Bob Bruton, Capt CAP Public Affairs Officer, 391st Composite Sq, Group III, Texas Wing, Civil Air Patrol.