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TX-391 Fall 2019 Airman Leadership School

posted Mar 2, 2020, 6:17 PM by lana mark

18 October 2019 by C/MSgt Brandon Luk

It was a sunny September morning full of excitement. It was finally the day that the cadets would leave for ALS, Airman Leadership School. For many of the cadets, this would be their first time away from home overnight;  many were nervous, but also quite excited. The ALS staff had been working for up to three months in advance to prepare for the best possible event. The ALS staff is made up of many different teams who perform many different functions that are vital for the ALS to run smoothly.  From Medical to Logistics to Public Affairs and more, each department has been preparing for ALS.  Numerous conference calls were made, and the staff overcame many obstacles.  C/Lt Col Norman led the staff who were ready for a full weekend of teaching classes and preparing cadets for their future Civil Air Patrol careers. 

A total of 15 cadets from TX-391 attended this fall’s ALS, with nine staff members and six basic students.  C/CMSgt Kelley was one of the three instructors during the event.  His job was to create all the classes the cadets would be tested on during the post-test, as well as to instruct the Cadets in all classroom-related activities. C/CMSgt Kelley reflects that “teaching the classes, but also having the chance to be able to meet with other people from group III and bonding with my fellow cadets from TX-391 was what interested me.”  On the student side, we had six cadets ranging from Cadet Airman to Cadet Airman First Class.  Dallas Composite Squadron member, C/Amn Neylon, was designated Honor Cadet of the entire ALS!  C/Amn Neylon recalls his experience as one of the highlights of his life.  “At this Airman Leadership School, I had the time of my life learning all things Civil Air Patrol.  Although for me as a student it may have started with many challenges, the conclusion was gratifying. In the end, I received the Group III ALS Honor Cadet Award, which is the highest award a student can receive. To this day, it is still my proudest achievement in life.”

This year’s Fall Group III ALS, boasting 50 students, was the most prominent Group III ALS to date. During this weekend, the cadets faced some hardships and challenges. But they also made a new family consisting of their fellow wingmen who helped each other through it all. They gained experience and valuable information that will propel them forward through their CAP careers and for the rest of their lives.