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WOW!! Was not enough

posted Feb 20, 2012, 8:18 AM by J Scott Carter   [ updated Feb 20, 2012, 9:54 AM ]

Wow, was not enough to describe the latest guided tour of the Civil Air Patrol’s 391st Composite Squadron.
Monday November 28th the Dallas Squadron was treated to a tour of the Associated Air Center and its’ three
Love  Field hangers, arranged by SM Juan Garcia, who is employed by Associated Air and conducted by  Executive Vice President of  Sales Patricio Altuna and George Florio. Associated Air Center specializes in producing the highest quality of interior design for large aircraft such as the Boeing 737, 757, 767 and 747.

The tour began with obtaining visitor badges and safety glasses that we were required to wear and then it was on to our first stop, the design and engineering section.  This section creates the final design of furniture and fittings
to the customers exact taste and wants.  A significant level of effort is put forth to capture every detail of the clients’ needs and desires based on criteria such as previously owned aircraft or status in the world community.  The more the company knows about a client, the greater likelihood of achieving complete client satisfaction.  The company then produces a detailed plan of construction that can be anywhere from  60 to 300 pages, before any fabrication work begins. 

Most interior materials are deceiving in their appearance.  Solid wood and marble are actually super thin veneers of
the actual wood and stone.  These veneers are reinforced with a corrugated backing that give the product its’ specified  strength.  An example of the exacting standards of production is that the interior construction has a tolerance of 1/8th an inch and can take 12 to 14 months to complete.  The company uses a mock up of the plane to be refurbished in order to accommodate as many of the clients wished as possible

After construction is complete aircraft certification is subject to the aircraft’s country of origin.  As a part of the planning process, Associated makes note of which country’s aviation authority rules will need to be accommodated.

You’ve heard, I am sure, of the urban myth of the aircraft owner who demanded that his bed be horizontal at all times during flight.  Associated Air showed us the bed under construction.  The bed could be automatically adjusted to accommodate that request to a maximum of 5 degrees “up angle” of attack. 

Associated Air not only does interior furnishing but can offer a client such services as aircraft inspection, maintenance and equipment upgrades.  One example is modifications for additional fuel capacity.   Since these aircraft will be carrying fewer passengers the luggage compartments can be modified to carry extra fuel.   These extra fuel tanks can improve the aircraft’s available flight duration from 6  to 7 hours to as much as 12-14 hours. 

The key to success for every project is elegance and quality at any cost. 

Having exposed the cadets to another career option within the world of aviation and experienced the results of Associated Air Center’s professional craftsmen, the tour concluded under the wing of the Dallas Mavericks new Boeing 757.

For more information contact:    1st Lt. Robert R. Bruton
                                                    Public Affairs Officer
                                                    391st Composite Squadron
                                                    Civil Air Patrol Dallas 
                                                    (817) 685 9658